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Designed By: Bart Eyking

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I found this furniture collection on Instagram the other week. I made an Instagram page for this blog at @theproductedit and Bart Eyking liked images from these three blog posts; The Shitaku Series, Crest Bottle Opener, and Geo Vacuum Flask. Enough to get my attention!

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These dusty pinks with the soft greys caught my eye in his Instagram feed but I encourage everyone to go for broke with bright colours on pieces with simple shapes.

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When I worked in Habitat we used to feel a funny sense of pride in people who would go for the fuchsia velvet sofa fabric, or white leather. You go you brave thing you! I want to come home with you and see your house.

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Granted all the colours all together are not my thing but…

Pink and orange? YES PLEASE.

Orange and grey? Well they are my product design company’s colours so, ahem, I do indeed approve (Julia Jacob Designs).

Grey and yellow? So good, two of my mates are obsessed with grey and yellow.

Use your hand to cover up bits of the photo above and you’ll see how different these colour combinations will make your room feel.

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I feel like its a little needless to say that these furniture pieces slot in together to form bigger items but I though I’d mention it just to preface this next image as I’m pretty excited about it. My favourite combinations!

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When my partner and I are reading, or more likely playing separately on our phones, having seats angled towards each other with a bridge, with a physical connection, would increase the sense of a shared experience. When sat across the room from someone I sometimes feel more connected to them than if we were sitting on the same sofa. You can see people properly when your not side by side!

Ps. I’m always on Instagram and he’s always on the Yu Gi Oh (or Dragon Ball Z?) game – we’re pretty cool.

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Image Credits: Bart Eyking’s Instagram / Bart Eyking’s Pinterest / Studio Lawrence

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