Shitaku Series

Designer: Koizumi Studio

Pestle and Mortar. Shitaku Series by Koizumi StudioShitaku Series by Koizumi Studio

The first thing that caught my eye about these products was the use of the horizontals in the pestle and mortar. They are cut right into the porcelain. The ridges form the basis for the aesthetic of the piece and the purpose of the mortar itself. Colour has been carefully avoided to bring out the lines in a subtle and calm way, through shadow.

Ladel Rest and Grater. Shitaku Series by Koizumi Studio

This is a series of kitchen tools that encourages taking your time, blending your own herbs and spices, and being mindful of what you are doing here and now. Japan has always had a culture of ceremony around tea and food preparation and presentation. I feel I would be inclined to prepare ingredients with more thoughtfulness when using these kitchen tools, in contrast to using European designed tools. Their design imparts the cultural heritage of Koizumi Studio’s home country. (Edit: I just found out in the fact checking for this post that “Shitaku” means ‘preparation’ in Japanese.)

Shitaku Series by Koizumi Studio from above

You can buy these items separately at An Astute Assembly. However you can also buy them as a whole set; a pestle and mortar, a grater for ingredients like ginger/radish/wasabi, a juicer, a lipped dish to rest your spoon/ladle in beside the oven, and a lid to bring the set together as a whole. At the time of writing the set itself is out of stock at An Astute Assembly but do check.

The pieces are made from porcelain in Arita, an area of Japan well known for its porcelain and the Arita Ceramic Fair.

Images from An Astute Assembly.
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