Radiant Wall Sconce

Designer: Rich Brilliant Willing

Radiant Wall Sconce as seen on TheProductEdit.uk

I don’t know a human who does not love wood.  Some of us are a little bats for it in a 70’s inspired way, which can be a little daunting! I  have to restrain myself. Pretty strictly…

The problem is that we are drawn to wooden objects when we see them out and about, which is great. But when they are brought home and sit near other wooden furniture, side tables or Welsh dressers etc. it can all get a bit much.

Radiant Wall Sconce as seen on TheProductEdit.uk

This wall sconce is a wooden lighting fixture that I really would keep as the only wooden thing in the room. It will need a lot of negative space around it for us to really be able to bask in its yumminess.

walnut Radiant Wall Sconce by Rich Brilliant Willing on The Product Edit

Yum, yum, yum.

And a rectangular version for luck…

Radiant Wall Sconce

Image source and where to buy: Rich Brilliant Willing

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