Punt Carafe

Designers: Lucy and Tobie Snowdowne (Two Create)

Two Create's Punt Carafe as seen on www.TheProductEdit.uk

A punt is the little hillock that you find indented in the bottom of wine bottles.

It’s a structural device, and strengthens the bottle a lot, but when I was younger I thought it was just a sneaky way to get less juice in my Ribena bottle. Cynical child!

Two Create's Punt Carafe as seen on www.TheProductEdit.uk

The punts in this set are rewardingly full bodied. The smokey colour really emphasises the shapeliness too, darkening at the bulge where you are looking through three or four layers of the glass.

In researching this glassware I found out that the Snowdownes designed it for Habitat. I should have known! You can take the girl outta Habitat but, you can’t take Habitat out of the the cailín!

The shape of the glass slots perfectly on, to halo the carafe, when the pieces are put together as they are intended.

Two Create's Punt Carafe as seen on www.TheProductEdit.uk

Image Credits: Two Create / Coin Quest / Joel’s Coins

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P.S. A punt is also the name of the Irish one pound coin that we used up until the Euro came in. All of the old Irish coinage was really beautiful, it documented our most beloved Irish wildlife.

The Stag was on the punt itself. What a beauty.


Irish Punt as seen on www.TheProductEdit.uk


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