Mobile Chandelier 7

Designed by: Michael Anastassiades

Anastassiades as seen on

Balance, stillness, mindfulness. Oooommm.

Anastassiades as seen on

What a light.

Anastassiades as seen on

Every element is super paired back – super edited.

Anastassiades as seen on

Take this top section for example. The joint between the top of the lamp’s arc and the fixture is simply a little repeat of the heavy fixture above it. All cylindrical, all tubes.

The arch could have just gone through the fixture itself but Anastassiades chose to drop it down a length, extending the elegance and the potential swing of the lamp, making it look all the more spectacular in its balance.

Anastassiades as seen on

Anastassiades’s work  reminds me of Miro’s bats paintings (thats not their title – I just think they are batty) and, as has been remarked by, of Alexander Calder’s mobile sculptures.

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The materials are lovey, rich choices. Black patinated brass for the tubes and hand blown opalescent spheres for the lampshades. You can order whatever length of rod you wish (within a certain limit of course) and they vary the rest of the dimensions themselves for balancing reasons.

Anastassiades as seen on

Image Credits: Interior / Michael Anastassiades / Carwan Gallery / TES

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