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Designed by: Anon for Habitat

Malva by Habitat. As seen on

I’ve been watching Anime shows recently (not the naughty kind, just the Japanese animated stories!) and something struck me when I saw this sofa. It reminds me so much of how manga artists depict excitement or magic bubbling up in people or a house or pet.

Malva by Habitat. As seen on

These artists are great at representing how we feel about something in a visual way. If a character was feeling trepidation walking into their office building at night the animator will make the walls bubble or shiver occasionally behind the character’s back. Its really effective as an extra way of showing how they are feeling, their perception of the world around them.

Malva by Habitat. As seen on

When you first watch anime it can be a little confusing – “Errm… is that actually happening?” but you soon get your eye in.

Malva by Habitat. As seen on

The designer of the Malva range has conveyed life and human emotion in the object with the same skill of the comic artists. This sofa would really animate a room. Its bulbous shapes make it look bouncy, it is inviting play and fun.

Malva by Habitat. As seen on


The off kilter backrests make me want to properly lounge myself along on it. I can’t imagine two or three people sitting bolt upright on this piece of furniture. It has been designed for snugglers and blanket hogs. Malva is 70% wool too so that deep red will feel as luxurious as it looks.

Habitat Logo. As seen on

Habitat has always been a favourite of mine. I even got a job in Manchester’s Habitat with the intention of staying in the company for… well… life (!) until they shut down all 31 shops that weren’t in London. It still annoys me that I didn’t even voice my desire to keep my toe in the company, if you don’t ask you don’t get. Listen to your Mothers 21 year olds!

Personal idiocies aside, the company’s reshuffle and focus on the European market has stood to them. They have managed to hold on to their focus of bringing fresh design to the UK.

If anyone knows which Habitat designers were involved in the Malva range please let me know in the comments below, my research hasn’t produced any specific names yet. And I do like to champion the designers themselves!

Image Credits: Habitat

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