‘Joy’ Vanity Table

Designed by: Nanna Ditzel

Joy by Nanna Ditzel as seen on The Product Edit

I have loved this vanity table since 2008 when I first came across it. I had chosen Nanna Ditzel as the subject of my terrible poster on ‘a designer you admire’ in first year of university. Nanna seemed like a really cool woman who worked hard and wasn’t afraid to take the credit she deserved for it. Incase you’re not familiar with her, she is a much celebrated Danish woman who graduated Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in furniture design in 1946. That gives you a sense of time and place for her, a time (but not necessarily a place) that a woman was not expected to excel in fields that required a measure of engineering.

Joy by Nanna Ditzel as seen on The Product Edit

I love the shapes in this piece, spheres, and by extension hemispheres, float my boat. I imagine its for all the same reasons they have floated peoples boats for thousands of years. The wholeness, both the infinity and finality of them, the freedom of movement a rectangle can never dream of!

I’m definitely going to be looking into the psychology of shapes this afternoon. It must affect logo design a lot… Oval logo – ethereal company. Rectangular logo – dependable company.

Joy by Nanna Ditzel as seen on The Product Edit

There is something about the table part that reminds me of chunky toddler toys, the kind where you have to put the cube through the square and the cylinder through the circle etc. and also Duplo, Lego’s baby brother. I must have had some sort of toy that swung, or slotted in and out, like the drawers of this vanity table. The connection totally works for me, I very much feel like I’m playing dress up when I put on make-up or adjust my hair.

Joy by Nanna Ditzel as seen on The Product Edit

As part of the Joy bedroom range this is one of the only items still in production, a Joy bench that I’m not so hot on, but looks super comfy, also prevails. Produced in maple now from the Danish company Getama.

And in the interest of of giving you a giggle, here is a screenshot of that poster I mentioned. I cut it out along that line.. Yes sir-ee I did.

Julia Jacob's 1st Yr at MMU poster on Nanna Ditzel

Image Credits: Nanna Ditzel / Getama / Author’s Own

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