Hand Painted Wooden Leaves

Designer: Julia Jacob

These bright leaves are the summer version of my Brisith Isles and Ireland leaves from the “Native Series”.

British Isles Leaves by Julia Jacob

They are a bit larger than you’d expect from seeing these photos, my eyes want to assume that the rings are keyrings, but they’re about half a keyring bigger than that and much nicer – brass! The leaves are being hand painted in block colours on the reverse of the etchings shown.

British Isles Leaves by Julia Jacob

They are designed and made in Britain and can be bought online as a set of all six, or as individual leaves (painted or unpainted). The previous, winter version of these leaves are all natural wood, untreated and are on sale.

British Isles Leaves by Julia Jacob

The “Native Series” is going to be ongoing, with each edition specific to a different world region. Sunny Australia has been suggested to me as the next region from a lovely customer living in Melbourne. I think there would be some great shapes there!

British Isles Leaves by Julia Jacob

To me its important to respect and encourage the native species wherever you’re from. I grew up in Ireland and live and work in the Lake District, UK so I started with the trees that I grew up with, know, and love; oak, ash, beech, yew, hawthorn, and holly.

What do you think – would you like to see an Aussie edition? Or where else, are there any cool plants from your country?!

Image Credits: Julia Jacob Designs

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