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Designer – Van Verre (Company)


Van Verre. As seen on www.TheProductEdit.uk

Yeah. So… my aesthetic is usually quite sleek, simple and minimal.

But within every minimalist there is an ‘ethnic’, boho hoarder being cajoled into keeping schtum and staying in its box. Its zig-zag, pom-pomed, bejewelled box.

Van Verre. As seen on www.TheProductEdit.uk

There isn’t any need to justify it. This kind of OTT product is stunningly beautiful, though getting the right balance between this ornate glassware and the rest of your room could be a bit tricky!

Rosy, slightly apricot-y, ice lolly fresh. I just want to lick it.

Van Verre. As seen on www.TheProductEdit.uk

This glassware is handmade in Portugal in a workshop that has had 150 years of experience in mixing sand with color pigments. I love how the thick glass base moving up to the thin rim naturally creates an ombré effect. Fantastic glowing colours add to the opulence.

Van Verre.. As seen on www.TheProductEdit.uk

The process of hand blowing into moulds creates fairly uniform, but unique pieces. I’m particularly taken by the pink wine goblets at the moment but my favourite item and colour preference changes every other month. A sign of a strong collection.

Image Credits: Amara / Van Verre

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