Bread from Scratch – Oven

Designer: Mirko Ihrig

Bread from Scratch. As seen on

This bread oven is part of a larger story. It is part of Ihrig’s MA Thesis, he was exploring the issue that many people don’t know where their food comes from these days.

Bread from Scratch. As seen on

I know he’s right because I had a boyfriend during university that had never seen a chicken in real life. We lived in the North of England for peatsake!

Bread from Scratch. As seen on

Ihrig resolved to design a set of tools and items that would allow someone to make a loaf of bread from start to finish.

Bread from Scratch. As seen on

I love this designer’s ability to make this oven huggable. Just as it was cooling down in the twilight I’d be out there in the garden clutching this oven like it was a big dog, keeping warm from its friendly radiation.

Bread from Scratch. As seen on

Bread from Scratch. As seen on

The angled curves, the stable stance, the softly turned legs, the raw finishes and the presence of fire itself all contribute to my visceral reaction to this oven.

Image Credits: Mirko Ihrig / Milk Decoration

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P.S. Who here loves a good scale model?

LOOK at these models and WEEP. This is some extreme precision product modelling.

Bread from Scratch. As seen on

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