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Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

I am not naturally tidy.

I was never *the worst* offender in shared student homes (one had ten of us in it!) but over five years on my partner recently had to give me a gentle reminder to be a bit more conscientious around the house. A real tail between the legs moment, even if your partner is as good about it as mine was!

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

My problem is that I want things to be perfect…

At least hear me out!

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

If its not perfect why bother at all?! My worst nightmare is having to shove everything in a wardrobe or cupboard to make a room look tidy asap. Just thinking about trying to pretend there’s not a world of chaos in there makes me do this face.

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

On the flip side, there are magical things like Pax Wardrobes and the fact that this is what my desktop looks like (I am, quite literally, a mad woman):

Desktop Screenshot as seen on


You guys are now my therapists, deal? I’m showing you pretty pictures in exchange. Pretty pictures of a laptop case.

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

It is technically an “a4 pouch” but my laptop is titchy so it’d fit :- )

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

So many places for everything! Everything that I currently scoop from my desk to my bag whenever I need to work outside in the big bad world. It’s no way to treat my beloved fish pencil case.

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

Fish pencil case could go here, tatty tesco notebook for maths and non fun stuff could go there, pretty Rhodia notebook for super fun things like ‘to do lists’ over in that pouch, and laptop all tucked away nicely in the back!


Image Credits: mochi things  / alibaba

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3 thoughts on “Better Together A4 Pouch v3”

  1. Heya,
    I’m wondering where your better together pouch is from ?
    I’m also UK based and am struggling to get one and I was hoping you might be able to help ?
    Many thanks
    P.S the UK based is a guess from your post including the words tesco and tatty , apologies if I was wrong

    1. Hi Ciara!

      Haha yes I am UK based – good detective work ?
      I haven’t found a UK “Better Together” stockist, I wish there was one! I would get it from themselves, shipping seems expensive but that is genuinely how much things cost to ship.
      Another website that you might like, and find similar things on, is the South Korean website (in English) they stock the brand Monopoly that Mochi Things stock. There is a “pouch and organiser” section under the Accessories tab.

      Good luck!
      – Julia

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