Watertower At Home

Designer: Xiral Segard

Watertower At Home by Xiral Segard

If you’ve seen my Pinterest page you’ll have noticed that I’m a fan of Brutalist architecture. Which makes me a big fan of this product. I don’t quiiite have enough money (yet!) to buy a massive bunker in the side of a Soviet mountain.  That dream will have to wait. But this side table lets us drag Brutalism in from the cold, softening the edges a bit and making these Brutalist structures more accessible.

Watertower At Home by Xiral Segard 2

The cantilevered shape is taken directly from the water towers of the countryside in France, Segard’s home country. The concrete, now a fashionable furniture and product design material, doesn’t feel naff or hipster-y to me because of the clear architectural influence. The wooden top lifts off to reveal a storage chasm where the water would have been held in another life.

Watertower At Home by Xiral Segard

This item seems to have been in prototype stage since 2012. Does anyone know if it has gotten any further along in the production process? I’d very much like to see it get into the shops. Speak up Madame Segard!

Let us know in the comments if you would like to see this get produced. Encouragement may bear fruit..!

Image Source: Xiral Segard
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