Vitrina Small Sideboard

Designed by: Alejandro Villarreal and Jesus Ramirez (at Hierve)

Vitrina Small Sideboard. As seen on

This sideboard is a statement piece.

Paradoxically it is also a piece of really simple, paired back design.

Vitrina Small Sideboard. As seen on

It makes me so happy when designers don’t need to resort to craziness and lots of ornamentation to make a statement. Herve just use one really cleverly placed piece of block colour to imbue the small sideboard in their “Vitrine” collection with character.

Vitrina Small Sideboard. As seen on

The sideboard is a continuation on from Ropero (meaning wardrobe in Spanish – it’s a Mexican Company) a design Villarreal, the company’s founder, worked on previously with Gabriela Rosas.

Vitrina Ropero. As seen on

The craftsmanship of the sideboard can be seen in the wooden frame. It is solid oak and has beautiful curved edges with sturdy 60’/70’s style handles. The shape of the handles is repeated on the interior, bringing together the two very stylistically separate components of the frame and the interior shelving.

Vitrina Small Sideboard. As seen on www.TheProductEdit.ukVitrina Small Sideboard. As seen on

The whole “Vitrine” collection has been designed for a favourite company of mine, Case Furniture. All of their stock always feels like it has been designed so thoughtfully, every hinge and upholstery nail carefully considered.

They also keep some of the classics alive and well. I have a beautiful, leather, Robin Day 675 chair (designed in the 50’s) that they distribute and I love it. Cream leather seat and walnut backrest. Stunner.

Vitrina Small Sideboard. As seen on

I’ll wrap up here to stop myself going off on a Robin Day tangent but I should tell you that this collection has a very similar tall cabinet in bright teal or a much more calm oyster white. The sideboard also has a more conservative colour-way available for us, a lovely dark dove grey…

Mmm… Grey…

Vitrina Small Sideboard. As seen on

Image Credits: Hierve / Case Furniture / John Lewis

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