The Wave Cabinet

Designer: Sebastian ErraZuriz

The Wave Cabinet as seen on The Product EditThe Wave Cabinet as seen on The Product Edit

This cabinet looks like it’d be amazing to use. I’d be opening and closing it every time I passed by!

The Wave Cabinet as seen on The Product Edit

Another reason I need want this cabinet is that (as well as the pleasure I’d get from tipping and pitching the batons) it wouldn’t let me collect a home bar, an indoor cactus garden or any other decadent clutter on top of it. Which is a desirable restriction for me; I am caught between minimalist and bohemian style.  If any furniture can force minimalism on me in an interesting way like this, I am in.

The Wave Cabinet as seen on The Product Edit

The echo in the video below makes the batons sound pretty heavy but I don’t think that’s the case. Either way, they flow really beautifully. This cabinet has made a lasting impression on me. I’ve not even used it yet!  I love it. Watch the video, I want it as much as I wanted a ‘super soaker’ in baby school. It looks FUN!

I first saw this cabinet on Core 77

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Image Source: Sebastian ErraZuriz Studio

Video Source: Sebastian Errazuriz Studio’s Vimeo

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