Large Monthly Planner

Designed by: JStory

JStory's large monthly planner as seen on

I am loving Korea right now.

Japanese design has always been my favourite but boy does it take itself seriously. Korean design, for me, has the same attention to detail but with some added fun and playfulness.

Storey's large + medium monthly planner as seen on www.TheProductEdit.ukI know this monthly planner might not seem fun and joyful to some people but look at how ridiculously big the Big one ends up being when opened out!

JStory's big monthly planner as seen on

JStory's big monthly planner as seen on

Fun right? Riiiiiight?!

And the Mini one looks comically small in comparison.

JStory's mini monthly planner as seen on

In their own environments, Mini in a pocket / Big propped up against a wall, they are perfect for their space but they do make me laugh side by side.

JStory's large monthly planner as seen on

The stitching is a line!

The simplicity of the grid system, no numbers or months, makes this planner extra useful. You can skip a month / a week or whatever and not lose a whole spread, just pick up where you left off.

JStory's large monthly planner as seen on

Here is the size run-down;

A3 – Big Monthly Planner

A4 – Large Monthly Planner

A5 – Medium Monthly Planner

A6 – Small Monthly Planner

A7 – Mini Monthly Planner

If you want the measurements Google it. I must spend 1/3 of my time at a computer Googling how big an A4, A6 or A3 page is. WRITE IT OUT JULIA. If I make myself suffer to try and force myself to remember page dimensions I’m certainly going to extend the same curtesy to you.

You’re welcome!

Let me know if you ever learn them. I seem incapable.

JStory's medium monthly planner as seen on

JStory's mini monthly planner as seen on

If you’re living in the UK, like Moi, you can use JStory’s Amazon Shop as JStory’s own website’s international section is in dollars, I’m not even sure they’re US dollars. US peeps can use Mochi Things or Poketo.

P.S.    Oh my gawd. I was just making sure that that Jstory link above was correct and I noticed that they now do the planners in black on black and grey on grey. There aren’t enough images to re-do this whole article but you do need to see the restrained beauty…

JStory's large monthly planner as seen on

Grey on grey everyday.

Image Credits: JStory / Mochi Things / Poketo

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Better Together A4 Pouch v3

Designer: Better Together

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

I am not naturally tidy.

I was never *the worst* offender in shared student homes (one had ten of us in it!) but over five years on my partner recently had to give me a gentle reminder to be a bit more conscientious around the house. A real tail between the legs moment, even if your partner is as good about it as mine was!

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

My problem is that I want things to be perfect…

At least hear me out!

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

If its not perfect why bother at all?! My worst nightmare is having to shove everything in a wardrobe or cupboard to make a room look tidy asap. Just thinking about trying to pretend there’s not a world of chaos in there makes me do this face.

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

On the flip side, there are magical things like Pax Wardrobes and the fact that this is what my desktop looks like (I am, quite literally, a mad woman):

Desktop Screenshot as seen on


You guys are now my therapists, deal? I’m showing you pretty pictures in exchange. Pretty pictures of a laptop case.

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

It is technically an “a4 pouch” but my laptop is titchy so it’d fit :- )

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

So many places for everything! Everything that I currently scoop from my desk to my bag whenever I need to work outside in the big bad world. It’s no way to treat my beloved fish pencil case.

Better Together A4 Pouch v3 as seen on The

Fish pencil case could go here, tatty tesco notebook for maths and non fun stuff could go there, pretty Rhodia notebook for super fun things like ‘to do lists’ over in that pouch, and laptop all tucked away nicely in the back!


Image Credits: mochi things  / alibaba

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LAMY safari fountain pen

Designer: Wolfgang Fabian

Yesterday I had a very important family initiation. My grandpa (who is to be found perpetually sketching faces, faces, faces throughout any occasion!) formally introduced me to his “Pen Guy”.

He has a pen guy!

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen
So, I am over in Ireland visiting all of my amazing grandparents and during an Avoca lunch (an Irish institution) I mentioned that I’m getting really interested in fountain pens. Practically before I’d finished my sentence Grandpa had produced one from deep in his pockets and was telling me to ‘keep it, keep it, I won’t take it back! I’ve got another one upstairs..’ before quickly changing the cartridge to a pale brown ink as that is his personal favourite to draw with.

Agh! Grandparents are too kind! He then immediately drove me to see his pen guy to try out some other nibs and see which ones I liked best.

LAMY Safari Fountain PenThe pen he gave me was a ‘LAMY safari yellow fountain pen’. LAMY sets itself apart from some of its competitors like Parker, Sheaffer or MontBlanc through its understated style. The German company keeps modern and restrained designers at the artistic helm. Most notably Gerd A. Müller and Naoto Fukasawa.

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen NibsThe ABS plastic barrel is not to be sniffed at as fountain pen enthusiasts will know. The lightweight feel of a well made plastic pen can far out-write a heavier model (e.g brass) as your hand will tire and cramp after manoeuvring a heavier barrel for a while.

I have been guilty of looking down my nose at plastic. As a consumer I have grown up associating it with ‘throw away’ items, but the fountain pen is a product that really benefits from the use of this diverse material. Lesson learned. This is reverse snobbery (permanently guilty) but a fine, gold inlayed, pen with a lacquered barrel and complicated surface pattern will not necessarily be the best pen.

LAMY Safari Nib ComparisonThe exchangeable nib is polished stainless steel and, quite rightly for a pen like this, eschews any of the engraved flourishes of a more fancy fountain pen nib. To complement my LAMY I chose an extra fine nib for drawing and a nib with a hint of a calligraphic slant to it for writing. The gateway nib.

Guys, I have a pen guy.

Image credits: LAMY / Writer’s Own / The Pendragons / Writer’s own.

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Sophisticated potato print (yep!) wrapping paper

For a couple of years I’ve been printing my own wrapping paper for Christmas.

I know what you’re thinking, but its actually super quick! All you need to get is a roll of thin wallpaper or kraft paper, some bright children’s paint and a potato.

Lovingly my Mother Hero saved a bit of last year’s so I can show you that too!

The key is to choose an instantly recognisable, simple image. Last year I did oranges and lemons with a green leaf. This year its black holly leaves with gold berries.

To make the potato print

Cut the potato in two and carve the image from the flat side of the potato, cutting away and disposing of the edge pieces. Use a flat plate for your paint and print away! I’d advise using no more than three shapes and three colours otherwise the paper will look very busy. Keeping two colours complementary and the third colour contrasting works nicely. My oranges and lemons were orange and yellow (complementary) and the leaf was green (contrasting). If you just use two colours, contrast them e.g. black/gold.


This year I painted the gold holly berries on with a brush, as I wanted to be able to see the painterly brush strokes. The holly leaves are all printed from a single potato stamp, but angling it slightly makes it look like a whole new leaf.

Have you tried potato printing recently? The last time most of us did it was when we were five years old! If you can’t be a big kid at Christmas when can you be?!

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