Keno (seat)

Designed by: Noora Liesimaa

With Helsinki design week starting tomorrow I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite items of furniture born in Finland in the last few years.

Keno by Noora Liesimaa as seen on The Product Edit

This kind of design I was thinking of when I called my blog ‘The Product Edit’. The name is most often understood as referring to the content of the blog, and it does; it’s my personal edit of the best design out there. But what is more important to me is that it alludes to the process of editing away, pairing back, and getting rid of anything superfluous to a design before it is considered finished. Although not everyone’s idea of what is superfluous and removable is the same!

Back to this particular piece though.. The base is cut from a slab of spruce, chamfered at an angle to produce the nicely tilted seat. The back is simply constructed form steel and fabric. The material colours sit very naturally together and the high back balances out the bulk of the seat. In my home I would chuck a sheepskin of the back of the seat and get my Danish hygge on.

This was Liesimaa’s show piece from her time at Aalto University. It was exhibited at “Norther” in Milan 2013. As far as I can tell its not in production but please do contact me, or leave a comment, if anyone knows any different! Haluan sen. See?! I’m willing to learn Finnish for this one.

Image Credit: Lancia Trend Visions

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