Sophisticated potato print (yep!) wrapping paper

For a couple of years I’ve been printing my own wrapping paper for Christmas.

I know what you’re thinking, but its actually super quick! All you need to get is a roll of thin wallpaper or kraft paper, some bright children’s paint and a potato.

Lovingly my Mother Hero saved a bit of last year’s so I can show you that too!

The key is to choose an instantly recognisable, simple image. Last year I did oranges and lemons with a green leaf. This year its black holly leaves with gold berries.

To make the potato print

Cut the potato in two and carve the image from the flat side of the potato, cutting away and disposing of the edge pieces. Use a flat plate for your paint and print away! I’d advise using no more than three shapes and three colours otherwise the paper will look very busy. Keeping two colours complementary and the third colour contrasting works nicely. My oranges and lemons were orange and yellow (complementary) and the leaf was green (contrasting). If you just use two colours, contrast them e.g. black/gold.


This year I painted the gold holly berries on with a brush, as I wanted to be able to see the painterly brush strokes. The holly leaves are all printed from a single potato stamp, but angling it slightly makes it look like a whole new leaf.

Have you tried potato printing recently? The last time most of us did it was when we were five years old! If you can’t be a big kid at Christmas when can you be?!

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