The Julia Jacob Designs’ shop is open!

Today is the day. The Julia Jacob Designs’ online shop is open and looking sharp, I’ve flung the doors open, and I am ready to show you these pretty little things, designed and made by me in Britain.

square B wooden flakes - 2
The decorations come in two forms; a bauble and a snowflake. I laser cut them (pew pew, lasers!) out of birch wood from a timber yard in Manchester. They are secured with natural leather cord, ready to hang by the fireplace or on your Christmas tree. You can get each shape in three different sizes to suit you and your home.

square C wooden baubles - 2
The next product is a set of six wooden coasters. The design closely follows that of the snowflake decorations and were made in the same way, in the North West. They have been treated with dry wood oil to be resistant to stains and heat marks.

Birch Snowflake Coasters - Julia Jacob Designs

If you like this sneak peek follow the ‘Shop’ link at to see the full collection; prices start from £3 sterling.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

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