Designer: Lex Pott

Loop as seen on The Product Edit 1

Pott’s designs are always reduced down to the core of what is necessary for the object.

Loop as seen on The Product Edit 2

This is the kind of design that I most want to champion with the articles on this blog. It is very hard to get the balance right between an object being stripped of any adornment (e.g. greenhouse metal shelving units) and an object having just enough beautification in it to satisfy the human need for comfort. And actually, where you draw that line is different for everyone.

Loop as seen on The Product Edit 3

For me Pott, and Loop, strikes the right balance. Just enough embellishment to get me to relate to it. Colour and curves.

Loop as seen on The Product Edit 4

Where do you draw the line? Do you prefer more glitz on your candlestick!?

Image Credits: Lex Pott

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