Crossed Double Seat

Designers: Fien Muller & Hannes Van Severen (Muller Van Severen)

Crossed Double Seat as seen on The Product Edit

Muller and Van Severen describe themselves as artists (photography and sculpture respectively) not designers. They aren’t particularly interested in ordinary furniture. All their pieces have a small social commentary or suggest different ways of using space.

Crossed Double Seat as seen on The Product Edit

For Muller making furniture is interesting to her when pieces are introduced to each other. The exquisite colour combos are also hers to brag about. Severen’s influence, I’m told, creates the “absurdity” which I *think* is referring to the off-beat angles seen in most of their other pieces (scroll on down for some photos of angled pieces). And as a sculptor I imagine the 3D nature of this on going furniture project suits him very well. They both bring important personal strengths to the project but they are keen to stress the benefit of working together in our kind of industry;

“Working as a duo obviates the individual ego all too prevalent in both the design and art world and allows each object to just exist.”

Hear, hear! I’ll shut up now and let you see the rest of their pieces.

Muller Van Severen as seen on The Product Edit

I like how they have left the welded steel frames ‘unfinished’ when coupled with thick natural leather and used a high gloss when coloured fabric is involved.

Muller Van Severen as seen on The Product Edit

Available to buy at Viaduct

Image Credits: Muller Van Severen , Viaduct 

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