Crescent Lounge Daybed

Designers: Vonnegut/Kraft.

Crescent Lounge

Calming. This day bed’s design is completely calming. Forget shivasanna. If you were to need a little mid afternoon break from life, this must be the way to do it.

Crescent Lounge by vonnegut kraft head rest

The way that the head rest is cradled in the arms of the wooden frame makes me feel like I would be safe and protected while dozing or daydreaming of softly billowing, linen curtains.

Crescent Lounge

The company who designed and produce them do offer to make them to your own fabric spec (from a range provided) but their default design of dusty pink and emerald teal complement the soap finished ash so delicately that I would stick with the designer’s original colour scheme.

Crescent Lounge

Crescent Lounge

Image source and where to buy: Vonnegut/Kraft

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