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This cabinet is visually simple and feels honest. A lot of designers hide away the nuts / bolts / edges of a product and conversely a lot of designers make a big hullabaloo of their raw material and oldey-worldy fixtures.

Valaitis’ design is balanced nicely in the middle of these two ways of working.

Marius Valaitis as seen on 1

For example the casters are just castors, fully functional.

Lithuanian furniture designer Valaitis isn’t trying to hide the fact that they’re just castors by having a skirt of wood around the base of the cabinet. He’s also not tooting his own horn with really big steam-punk casters to say ‘look guys – its INDUSTRIAL!’

They are just casters. Lovely.

Marius Valaitis as seen on 1

The proportions of the piece of furniture are really to my taste. A little bit squat and snug, just right for a printer and some paper bits.

I hate my printer.

It does not deserve a nice cabinet like this.

If it jams a piece of paper it does not reprint the page it missed. Big deal right? But it does it a few times a day (I have had it serviced)! I have to figure out what page is missing, go back into my document, isolate the page in the ‘print’ pop up box and send it to the printer all over again. And sometimes it’ll do it twice in one document. *Rage Shudder*.

The printer that my family had twenty years ago always reprinted the missing page straight away before it carried on with the rest of the document. TWENTY YEARS AGO!

Sorry lovely cabinet. Sorry that my printer fury has hijacked your blog post.

Marius Valaitis as seen on 1

I’d shove it in this beautifully finished drawer for ever and ever.

Image Credits: Marius Valaitis’ Tumblr

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