Bloomington Bookcase

Designed by: Terry Dwan

Bloomington Bookcase. As seen on

This storage set makes me think of a house I once visited as a really small child, in the back of beyond, in Ireland. It was one the of the first houses I came across that did not fit the mould. It wasn’t a semi-detached, it wasn’t two stories. It wasn’t normal.

My older sister and I had, quite unusually, been brought to a grown-up’s party.  It was terrifying, exhilarating and exotic. The hosts were Nordic. There was a sauna. “A what Mum!?” “A sauna! You go in and the air gets very, very hot… It’s good for you! Good for your skin.” The weirdness of this small, empty room completely clad in soft, strokeable timber gave me the creeps. The good creeps, if such a thing exists!

Bloomington Bookcase. As seen on

Anyway these Norwegians were not the cool beauties we see all around us now, all clad in various shades of grey and black. They were raucous. RAUCOUS! Their sprawling, one story house (the word bungalow is in need of a good revamp I think) wasn’t ‘designery’, it was simple, useful, and “lived in”. It’s the kind of place that I want to live in now, 20 years after first seeing the place.

Bloomington Bookcase. As seen on

This ‘bookshelf’ epitomises the furniture I want to use in my own home. It is simple, it is honest. Hides sins, displays treasures. Dwan designed it for the Italian company ‘Riva 1920′.

I will have one of the removable boxes stuffed haphazardly with blankets. A couple of bottles of dark rum and whiskey on the open shelf, jostling for space with piles of paper and paints. Not a curated display in sight. Ah bliss.

Image Credit: Bonluxat

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