Bleu De Four Plates

Designers: Aymeric & Ronan Pailler

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Come the end of October colour is leeching from our meals as broccoli, radishes, and tomatoes step aside for cauliflower, turnip mash, and parsnips.


Well, I add butter to all the latter so thats probably why, but still… delicious.

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As yummy as a plate of cream coloured comfort-food tastes, it doesn’t exactly look appetising. There are no contrasting colours to jazz things up. Dun da da Duuuun, thats where these deep, dark, bright plates come in.

I love a dark plate. My favourite in our house is a 6 year old dark grey and black, almost watercolour effect, plate “Mai” from Habitat. I bought it cheap from the staff ‘write-offs’ bin while working there. Food looks fantastic on it, but now that Winter is coming (so everyone keeps reminding us!) I need a bit more colour. The Pailler’s produce a full set of tableware in this range but the simplicity of the plate is divine.

Bleu De Four as seen on The Product Edit 5


Deep, dark, and bright. Thats how I described them a minute ago. The skill in achieving this bright colour, desperately trying to break through a seemingly darker overlay, is in the glazing process.

The white porcelain beneath the glaze is more visible at the edges where there is more tension on the glaze while it is still in liquid form (woop physics!). Because of this the glaze is slightly thinner at the rim, resulting in the edges appearing to glow from within. A high firing temp produces the overall darkness of the pieces. A centuries old process that is worth the price tag.

Bleu De Four as seen on The Product Edit 4

Products available at The Conran Shop in the UK and Site Corot in the EU.

Image Credits: Site Corot / The Conran Shop

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