3legs tables

Designer: David Tarcali at “Studio Nomad”

3legs Table Collection as seen on The Product Edit

I have been wanting to show you these tables for a loooong time now but it has never really seemed like the right day. A lot is riding on this you see… Because if you don’t loose your s*** over these sumptuous Venus-de-Tables (secretly, on the inside of course – we’re still pretending we’re normal to non-furniture obsessed folk right?) then I’m not sure we can be friends.

There. I said it.

3legs Table Collection as seen on The Product Edit

There is a graceful glamour to these pieces. The colours and the arrangement of the hemispheres make them aerial and light. The little collection has rhythm.

3legs Table Collection as seen on The Product Edit

Huunnnnghhh *flaps arms like a two year old* I just found out while doing some extra research that these tables have just been used for window displays by my favourite fashion house COS! All my design faves are hooking up, switt swooo!


Ok, I’m calm.

3legs Table Collection as seen on The Product Edit

Price wise, they’re all €300 or under. Studio Nomad tell us that you can get it made in any RAL colour but they don’ t say how much extra that is. I’ll have a look into that for you and put it in a comment below. Here is the RAL colour chart from the company I use for my bent steel work: RAL Colour Chart . Though be warned, no online, or printed, colour chart is ever a perfect match!

P.s. Here is an extra little cutie they make… 28degrees

28 Degrees as seen on The Product Edit

You can buy the tables at Crowdy House for a limited time, after that I’d just contact Studio Nomad themselves (always the best way!).

Image Credits: Studio Nomad on Bēhance and Instagram.

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One thought on “3legs tables”

  1. Ok guys, I just recieved word back from David Tarcali;

    “Hi Julia, thank you for the kind words, always good to read something like this. The extra cost of the custom colors are 20€ in each size…” Pennies!

    P.s. He follows my Objects / Products board on pinterest!

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